The Wine Vault

Hi Folks,

After 7 months and over 6,000 miles, Kate & I returned to the Wine Vault on Liberty Avenue in downtown Vermilion before leaving for the summer.

As usual the food was exquisite and the service on a par with the food.  A pleasant, personable place for a delicious dining experience.  As testimony, here are my “before” and “after” pictures of my entrée last Friday:
IMG_5279-300         IMG_5284-300

At the Wine Vault last September I cleaned my plate; this time I left enough on my plate to express my sentiments, 🙂

Have a great summer … we’ll be back in time for Pioneer Day,
Admin (Andy), Muse-n-News copy boy & website field hand
Windsong Cottage

Josh, Wine Vault Proprietor
Josh, Wine Vault Proprietor


At the Company share holder’s meeting I heard someone proposed turning Linwood into a gated community with card-swiping gate keys or number punching control pads.

3prayer_doorSEBCIt reminded me of the Southeastern Bible College Prayer Room that required a pin number to enter—hummmm …, does God not listen unless you have the PIN?

More to the point: are we a heartless, closed mind, closed door, closeted narcissistic community or, in the tradition of our Methodist Heritage, an open Christian Community with Open Doors – Open Hearts – Open Minds?

Where can I park?

I heard whispers about selling the Linwood land on the corner of Vermilion Road and Liberty Street.

Seems contrary to the recent push (marketing efforts) to get more local folks into the Park for recreation and summertime family activities. Parking being problematic even on slow days during the season … why dump such a critical asset as a place to park—especially when trying to increase attendance/use of the beach and playground.

Even more important, a young struggling family that wants “a day at the beach” would probably appreciate a place to park that doesn’t cost the same as a full price admission ticket.

Family Day pricing is a good deal but sometimes only Saturday or Sunday can accommodate conflicting schedules.

Seems simple to me:  drive in to drop the wife and kids after paying the day-fee and picking up a “park free car pass” to park across the street and walk back.


What’s it worth?

Did you read the latest from the Park Board President posted in the Linwood Breeze?   The Park Company is considering “ … to sell two of the ‘build able’ parcels.

Click to see larger image.

According to an authoritative source the Erie County Auditors Office has confirmed that some Linwood lots become “buildable” when the Park Company writes and sells a lease for the lot(s).

From a search of the Erie County tax records (an FYI link) it appears that the only two potentially “buildable parcels” are the three vacant lots on Sixth Street just west of Hughes’ and six (four full and two half-size) lots at the end of Sixth (a really nice plot—like a quiet nook at the end of a cul-de-sac, a “Linwood Hide-a-Way” perchance?).

The question is “What’s it worth?”  (Click Here for one cottage owner’s guessimate.)


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