Save on your electric bill(?)!

Vermilion Officials” sent me a letter dated June 9, 2014 telling me I will save 6% off the “Price to Compare” posted in my electric bill if I do not elect to “opt-out” of the Vermilion Aggregation Program – that is, it’s automatic if I don’t do anything.

Who are the “Vermilion Local Officials” who are working so diligently in our interest?

For more (a)musing insight, go to the Muse News (LINK).

Regards/Andy Breece/

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  1. Woolly says:

    I just checked the FirstEnergy Solutions (FES) terms and conditions that came with the Vermilion Officials’ letter. It looked like the terms from 2011 but upon closer inspection — I discovered some new words slipped into the 2014 version,
          “Customer agrees that Supplier may pass through the additional cost to Supplier …
           which may be variable, to Customer. Changes may include, without limitation, … new
           or modified charges or shopping credits, and other changes to … customer … programs.”

    First Energy says “fixed price” but mandates that you agree that they can change the price WITHOUT limitation! WTH?!

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