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3 Responses to “Open Forum”

  1. Woody says:

    Are you an aggregationist? Uh, I mean a member of the “Vermilion Aggregation Program”? I noticed that the three year program voted on by the our “community” in May 2011 is expiring(?) and now the Aggragationists want you to renew … actually, the First Energy letter says (paraphrasing) “not to worry” because it is fully automatic – unless you send in a signed statement saying that you “opt-out”.

    Seems oxymoronic to me: why would a for-profit company make it mandatory (unless you “opt-out”) that you save money with this wonderful* community Aggregation fixed price deal (which would mean less profit for the company)??

    “Viewpoint” Ed.

    *Note: Any hint of sarcasm is probably coincidental.

  2. W. Chuck says:

    I overheard a cottage owner on the phone with a First Energy (or “Vermilion Aggregation Program”?, or Ohio Edison?) representative, “Tish”, who apparently told the owner that the program guarantees a fixed rate of 7.89¢/kwh for three years.

    The owner then commented that his current rate (having “opt’d-out” three years ago) was 6.3¢/kwh and the promised rate being 25% greater didn’t seem like a such a good deal.

    The owner then commented disparagingly on First Energy’s letter which intimated that he would not be supporting his community if he elected to “opt-out” — that is, he would be a “bad” neighbor.

    Ed. Column, “Crawlspace”
    a.k.a. “Under the Floorboards”

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