1st Tri-Annual PSPP

While keeping an eye on the goings-on in the Park, I scurried over to the Linwood Lodge last night to check on the rumored First Annual Post-Season-Pasta-Party.

Here is what I saw (no names for privacy reasons):

Getting Started

Simmering Sauces, a.k.a. Pot Stirrers


Overheard: “… tenderest clams ever … delicious homemade noodles … I could stuff myself on the salads alone … a plethora of pasta … did you try the meat sauce, mushroom sauce and the Alfredo? … how ’bout the stuffed Ravioli? … did you see the desserts!?”

Neighbors Dining in the Linwood Lodge

Also over heard, “Is this seat saved?”
From across the table by an authoritative source, “No.  But we are praying for it.”

Click HERE to get info and see revealing pictures of the Linwood Lodge (sleeps 26).

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